Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Eight Hitters Worth Less in Rotohog

Using the same methodology described in my previous post, here are eight big name hitters who don't fare as well in the Rotohog scoring system as in a traditional rotisserie league. Unlike the top ten, these aren't in any particular order, and they're not the worst of the worst...they just ranked substantially lower than they would in other types of leagues:

Jermaine Dye
Alfonso Soriano
Troy Glaus
Ichiro Suzuki
Ryan Howard
Paul Konerko
Carlos Lee
Alex Rodriguez

Ten Hitters Worth More in Rotohog

The following ten players should benefit from some of the categories that are included in Rotohog's point scoring system, but not in traditional fantasy baseball leagues. I came up with the list by looking at the 5 hitting categories that Rotohog includes that a traditional 5X5 Rotisserie Scoring League doesn't consider in any way: doubles, triples, walks, strikeouts, and caught stealing. I used 2007 ZIPS projections (available from The Baseball Think Factory) and weighted them based on their value in Rotohog. These were the top ten:

1. Todd Helton
2. Albert Pujols
3. Grady Sizemore
4. Jimmy Rollins
5. Nick Johnson
6. Mike Lowell
7. Garrett Atkins
8. Luis Gonzalez
9. David Ortiz
10. Jose Reyes

While you can question my choice of ZIPS projections, and some of these guys would fare well no matter what scoring system is used, names like Johnson, Lowell, and Atkins may be worth moving higher on your draft lists, since the Rotohog scoring system appears to be favorable to them!

What's So Special About Rotohog?

So what's so special about Rotohog? Why am I so excited to play it. Here are the some of the unique things about it:

1. Free entry.
2. $100,000 grand prize.
3. Short, intense draft...37 minutes maximum. Each round all 12 team in draft pick simultaneously, getting the opportunity to draft players at opening day price.
4. Open market trading, with the entire Rotohog community able to buy and sell limited quantity of players (1 of each player, per 12 teams) similar to the stock market.

Entry F(r)ee & Prizes

Up to 100,000 fantasy baseball players will be competing FOR FREE for Rotohog's grand prize of $100,000 and the title of 'Greatest Fantasy Baseball Player in the World'. An additional $60,000 of prizes will go to the remainder of the top 10 finishers. I should probably warn you that I'm planning to win the grand prize...but $25,000 if you finish 2nd to me is nothing to sneeze at.

Welcome to the Rotohog Blog

This blog is dedicated to the new fantasy game Rotohog. I'll be posting strategy tips, as well as some news and gossip about the game. My only affiliation with the folks at Rotohog is that they will be posting some articles I write here and at my other blog The Waiver Wire and that they've set up a referral program with some incentives for bloggers.

Like the Waiver Wire, 1/4 of anything I earn from this blog will be donated to Save the Children.

If you haven't already registered for Rotohog, you owe it to yourself to do so immediately. When you register, please put 'waiverwire' (without the quotes) in the referral code field. I will get credit for the referral, and ultimately Save the Children will benefit. Once you're registered join The Waiver Wire league for some friendly competition.