Monday, April 2, 2007


Just got this from David Wu: "Phil and the guys are correcting this as we speak.
Your point total should show up soon. Sorry about that."

These guys are awesome. I report a problem at 3am their time and they're working on it already at 4:10am their time!

I'd be interested to hear more about people's experiences the first weekend of trading. I'm currently around $395 (down from about $435 at my highest). I was about five minutes too slow selling my Mets and Cards...the run-up and then crash in their prices was even stronger than I expected...I guess we should be ready for that whenever there's only one game on a given day. We'll see what happens when there are more games today. Luckily for me, I wasn't at my computer for the IPO or I would have lost out on that. The other big surprise for me is that so far, it doesn't seem like people realize the importance of closers...their prices haven't really gone up much except ones who clearly were underpriced.


Bob said...

Is there a way to know that a player is locked in for the day? (ie, the 10-minute rule has officially started). I was planning to play it safe yesterday & wait until 5 minutes before time, but by then everyone had dropped quite a bit.

Alex said...

bob - Hard to say, since things weren't working quite right yesterday, but the drop down box used to change a player's position for the day wasn't there anymore after the lock in period went by. One thing to watch out for though - some of the user interface stuff doesn't seem to refresh unless you leave Rotohog...for example, when the market opens, my buy/sell buttons don't appear unless I leave and re-enter.

Hodge said...

I'm sitting at $ 410.68 and first in the waiver wire pool. I didn't know about selling players that quickly and waited till game end, which cost me a fortune on Glavine, Wright and Reyes.

Adam said...

My team is worth $451, which is a high. FYI, if you go to the Global League page it shows your team value.

I screwed up Pujols, left and right this weekend -- dropping him on Saturday when his value dropped $4 and buying him back $6 higher. Then I didn't sell until 45 minutes into the Cardinals game; I got a phone call at 5:05 and didn't realize the fall would be so sharp. Also claimed Igawa figuring the hype would drive his price up for a quick profit. Oops.

Let's call it a learning experience :)

I hope the wild dumping of players as their games start was a fluky thing related to the single game yesterday. Otherwise you'll have to be super, super active to do well.

andreliu3000 said...

I'm at $412 currently - at the 10 min mark before the game started last night, the "lock" wasn't on. I only had Wagner/Izzy from last night and sold them as soon as they were locked (5 min before game time).

I lost about $7 between the 10 min and 5 min mark and had the same problem of the players dropping from my list. Response was fast as someone from Rotohog indicated that they would manually credit me for their performance which they did and then confirmed with a follow-on email. I'd have to agree with the excellent response time.

If managers adapt, then I don't envision these big drops happening again as more managers will either sell their players before the lock to get the salary bump or hold until the next game so as not to lose value.

Byron said...

What do you think about the fact that you can use the same dollars to get 3-4-a dozen players in the 10 min window?

This thing will take sooo much effort and time to win.

Also, not having a guy everyday (ie having him 30% of the time) will drive a person crazy, no? It seems to me it's about having the closers, rotating a daily quality start, and building your offense so you have a virutally everyday top-tier lineup by midseason.

Byron said...

I was wrong, cant get a player after he locks. Found this out buying and selling atkins for no reason. You know when the lock comes by your roster page showing the game score as opposed to game time.

jeremy said...

First Place after day 1, for what it's worth...worth only $338 actually, didn't draft for appreciation so much, as flexibility, then realized the real "skill" of the game will be: 1 - Being job/school-less for the entire season; 2 - Being a hermit that lives within wireless range; 3 - Ability to "casually" interrupt any activity or personal engagement to not lose $0.32 on a player; and 4 - Be able to toss a coin accurately, "hmmm....Ramirez or Guerrero?"
play ball...the swipekraft

Hodge said...

A guy can sure lose more than he gains on closers. It seems like you have to sell right after the lock to minimize a huge loss.

Oh, and get lucky... Sheets was my big score today.

George said...

I'm glad your experience with support has been better than mine.
I'm still unable to view anything other than the top 25 players at each position. I can't buy from the Trading Floor, all purchases have to come from my Watch List. The few things I can do on the site I can only do once, after that Rotohog only draws a blank page for me.
I sent "support" message telling them my problems, and that I've ran all the spyware/adware programs available as well as tried running the site on 3 different browsers (opera, IE and Firefox) on 3 different computers, 2 of which use different ISPs.

I got the obvious response of "Have you tried cleaning your cache".

I think the fact that "support" has been so good to you is because of your blog.