Friday, March 9, 2007

Don't Draft Too Early

This may be obvious, but you should avoid drafting your Rotohog team until the last few days of drafts for a number of reasons:

1. Because prices will be fixed after March 11th, the later you draft the better your knowledge will be of which players are injured, which have won more playing time, etc.

2. With any new software (like Rotohog) technical glitches that could ruin your draft are going to be most likely in the first few days.

3. Waiting until there have been a few days of drafts will allow you to gain some insight into how the drafts are proceeding. Knowing which players are getting drafted early or late, and what kinds of draft strategy people are using should be valuable information.

That said, I won't be waiting until the very last day of drafts...I'm paranoid that I would risk missing the draft if there was an emergency at home or at work.

On another note, has anyone else had problems accessing the past couple days? I've had problems with it, but only from one of my computers. The odd thing is I haven't had problems accessing any other web sites from that computer.


andreliu3000 said...

No problems here accessing rotohog

Julie said...

I have the same access problem from home. I have no problem accessing from work, though.

Alex said...

Julie - I'm sure it would be really helpful for them (and you) if you could send an email to me ( and/or with the following information about the computer with the problem:
-What type of computer?
-What operating system?
-What browser?
-What type of internet connection are you using?
-What city and state is the computer in?