Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Some Draft Feedback

Here's a link to some interesting comments on an early Rotohog draft by Brad Stewart at the MLB Front Office blog. Judging by some of the results he mentioned, it sounds like people were smarter than I would have expected!


kurt said...

I drafted this morning. Here's my team...

C-McCann $27
1B-Fielder $16
2B-Kendrick $1
3B-Wright $40
SS-Furcal $25
OF-Crawford $33
OF-Del. Young $2
OF-Markakis $5
UT-Pujols $53

SP-F. Hernandez $18
SP-D. Haren $21
RP-O. Dotel $2
RP-J. Broxton $6
P-M. Cain $18
P-R. Hill $4

What do you think?

Alex said...

Kurt - I like your offense a lot and Dotel is an excellent pick. Broxton and Hill are ok because of the low prices. I think you're taking a chance spending as much on starting pitchers as you did. Hernandez is bargain in a normal league at that price (and the others would be ok), but with the ability to rotate and a 1300 IP maximum, there should be a surplus of available starters.