Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Good News

It looks like the technical problems at Rotohog have been addressed. After a brief period last night when neither of my computers could access the site, everything has been working fine this morning. And this appears to be a permanent fix, rather than the temporary workaround that they had talked about implementing.

If you'd like me to send you some player valuations I'm putting together for hitters in Rotohog, sign up for my blog mailing list by emailing me at zelvin30@hotmail.com. Note that I have one mailing list that includes both of my blogs - this one and The Waiver Wire.

I will also be sending the mailing list valuations for another free fantasy baseball game with cash prizes - Game Day Draft, which I talked about at The Waiver Wire here.

And finally, I'm interested in hearing as much as possible from people who have already drafted. Did any positions seem to go quickly? Who were the best undrafted players? Did everyone show up for the drafts, or were there lots of no shows? Anything and everything that you can share with us will be appreciated.

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