Thursday, March 1, 2007


Paul Greco at Fantasy Baseball Guy had the following to say about me...

"For me, what Alex is doing is great. He’s a better man then me for explain how to win $100,000. Or is he doing this to throw you off? Hmmmm."

I think Paul was kidding, but this is actually something I've been planning to address. I should tell everyone right up front: I will win the $100,000. You guys are playing for 2nd place. That said, I can promise two things:

1. The information I provide will never be deliberately misleading, and should be very valuable in helping you to a strong performance in Rotohog.

2. The information I provide will leave out a portion of what I'm thinking or planning for my Rotohog strategy. A percentage of the very juiciest, most valuable information is either going to be a secret until its too late to help anyone beat me in the competition, or I may choose to provide it all as part of a Rotohog Strategy Guide that I would charge a substantial amount for. I'll be making a decision on that in the next week or two, depending on how much interest in the guide I think there would be, and how much material I'm able to put together soon enough to do people some good doing into their drafts.

If you haven't already registered, go to Rotohog and sign up. Make sure to enter 'waiverwire' (without the quotes) into the referral code field to let them know we sent you. And then join The Waiver Wire league for some friendly competition.

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Byron said...

Your site is excellent - thank you. But I know you know the value of luck here. There will be a handful that know baseball, trading, and strategy - who will stay completely involved day-to-day. Between these folks (there will be relatively few), there will be a fair amount of luck.
Best (and see you down the stretch),