Thursday, March 15, 2007

Looking for a Rotohog 'Assistant'

I'm pretty confident that nobody on earth has spent as much time thinking about the strategy for Rotohog as I have. I don't think that very many of the best fantasy baseball players are really making this game their top priority. And I think that there are a lot of subtleties to the strategy that nobody (including me) has been talking about yet.

Add all that up, and I believe that I will have a good chance of winning a top prize. The only problem is that it will be very 'high maintenance' to execute the correct strategy, requiring a bunch of transactions every day...some of them at very specific times of day, and not always at times when I'll be able to get online easily.

So I'm looking for an 'assistant' or partner to help win this thing. Obviously you'd get a nice cut of the money (we can negotiate what a fair amount is).

You don't need to have much fantasy baseball experience for this...I'll be giving some pretty specific guidance on what to do. The main things I'm looking for are:
1. Someone who is reliable and honest (obviously I'll have to make a judgement call based on my impressions of you).
2. Someone who will generally be able to be online for as much time as possible between 1pm-1am, and particularly from about 6pm-2am on weekdays and 1pm-1am on weekends.
3. Someone who won't mind following my instructions on this to the letter.

If you think you might be interested, send me an email at to let me know, and we can talk more about it.

P.S. As far as I know this is in no way against Rotohog's rules. But I have sent them an email to confirm that they don't have anything equivalent to the 'one player per hand rule' that some poker sites theoretically have. If its against the rules, then this offer is obviously off the table.

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