Friday, March 30, 2007

Rotohog News & Notes

Some news and notes on a variety of topics:

1. Don't forget that trading starts today at 9am Eastern.

2. You may have noticed that there doesn't seem to be any way to add players to the 'Watch List'. I haven't gotten to ask about this yet, but I'm guessing that it's a trading floor function, and so won't be available until 9am this morning. Somebody else suggested that the issue may be that the watch list is a premium service, but I think we all have premium service for the first two weeks of the season, so I doubt that's the problem.

3. I sent an email to the Rotohog people asking their opinion on whether my proposed 'Rotohog assistant' arrangement is allowed. They basically said 'no', so I won't be doing it. Their feeling is that the goal (for them) is to identify "the best fantasy baseball player in the world" and working with someone would provide an unfair advantage. They don't have any problem with asking someone to fill in for you if you're on vacation or something.

4. Somebody asked about my draft. Keep in mind that my goal was price appreciation...not getting players I'll necessarily want during the season. Here's my current roster: Papelbon, Dotel, R. Hill, Huff, Salas, Valverde, Isringhausen, Dempster, Hermanson, B. Wagner, Lidge, Owens, Gregg, Orvella, and Carpenter. Obviously some of the more speculative picks haven't really worked out but they cost me almost nothing. The only players on that list who are likely to be in my lineup by Sunday are Papelbon, Isringhausen, Wagner, and and Carpenter. The only one who will make to Monday is Papelbon.

5. Also, I've been saying that Rotohog sign-ups were ending this week. It turns out that isn't true. They will remain open thoughout the season. Late entrants just won't get to participate in a draft, and obviously they won't have much chance of winning the overall competition. But there will be monthly and/or weekly contents that they'll be eligible for.

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mymrbig said...

I don't understand Santana's price run-up. He's generally mediocre in April and has struggled with his control this spring.

I've picked up a few possible closers on the hope that one of them is named a closer and jumps up in price (Hermanson, Coffey). Not much risk and plenty of upside if they win the job.

Also bought Wheeler, I think Lidge loses the job fast if he stuggles in his first couple outings. If Lidge is solid in his 1st 2 outings, then I can sell Wheeler. Not much risk.

Sold Gagne. Anyone starting the season on the DL or even potentially on the DL is a recipe for price drop disaster.

Hitters are much more volatile at this point. Not as much movement (as % of value) amongst pitchers.