Friday, March 30, 2007

Trading Floor Opens

Quick update now that the trading floor has been open 45 minutes. It looks like the pricing mechanism is working great...nothing weird or out of line so far. The obviously underpriced players are moving up a lot.

Two things that most people don't seem to have realized so far (based on price action):

1. Only the Mets and Cardinals play opening day. If you don't want your roster spots to go to waste Sunday, but guys like Carpenter, Pujols, Reyes, Wright, Beltran, Isringhausen, and Wagner. So far, only Pujols is up much out of that group.

2. You are going to NEED to carry as many closers in your lineup as you can. If you have 2 closers and I have 4, then you're going to be basically giving me a 2,000 point head start. Read the Aaron Brown guest article in my archives if you don't understand why. So far, only the really obviously underpriced closers have gone up much.


mymrbig said...

Any guesses when Delmon Young and Howie Kendrick crash? Both are around $20 now. I sold both at $15, figuring they were starting to get risky at that point. Why take a $20 chance on Kendrick who has a lot of potential to drop in price when Kinsler is $6.50?

Surprised all the stud hitters rose so much in price. Pujols up $10, Reyes around $9, Sizemore $9. WOW! Too bad I didn't have any of them, I thought the opposite would happen.

andreliu3000 said...

Looks like Kendrick is "out" which means that he is not available for pickup.

Guess that happens when a player has way more demand then supply.

mymrbig said...

I just can't imagine who is buying Kendrick or Young at their current prices...? Absolutely no price upside and there is no guarantee they will play at a level that is worth $20-25.

I sold out of them way too early, but no way in the world I am buying back in unless they drop below $14-15.

In other news, nice to see Preston Wilson up $.10. WTF?